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Fuego de Amor — B-Sides of 1970's Salsa Dura 45s


Downtempo Latin Soul in the Mix – Strictly Vinyl

Lately I’ve had a lot of fun browsing through my 1970s 7-inch Salsa Dura records for new „Salsa Classics“ mixes. My attention was drawn to the many boleros and downtempo tracks on the B-sides. This mix is in a way the other side of the phenomenal NYC Salsa explosion. Enjoy 17 downtempo latin gems from the most prominent salsa ensembles and most outstanding singers.

Everything is voice in the spotlight, in which the refinement of the arrangement creates space for the expression of the singing. This opens up perspectives on the ground plan and spirit of Afro-Caribbean percussion. And so we follow the dialogue of singer and soloist, of piano and bass and within the percussion. And never does it make us stand out completely. And never fall deeper than deep. It always remains a dance. A breathing, step by step.

Not all tracks are pure boleros, some transform into son, one track starts as a guajira that turns into a cha-cha-cha. And not all tracks are B-sides. After all six Latin downtempo gems are self-confident A-sides.

Enjoy the voices of Azuquita, Eladio Jimenez, Pablo LeBron, Ismael Miranda, Carlos Santos, Adalberto Santiago, Justo Betancourt, Chamaco Rivera, Junior Santiago, Celia Cruz, Cheo Feleciano, Baby Gonzalez y Myrna Lamb, Carlos Montiel, Pellin Rodriguez, Victor Velazquez.

First aired: ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, April 19, 2020 on ORANGE 94.0, 14:00-14-57 CET live stream
(1) Tipica 73; HOY (04:42); 7“ Inca Records 6104-B. Vocals: Azuquita (1977)
(2) Impacto Crea; PRONOSTICO (Eliado Jimenez) (04:17); 7″ Vaya -B. Vocals: Eladio Jimenez (1976)
(3) The Lebron Brothers; VAMOS A ROMPER (04:00); 7“ Cotique C-286-B. Vocals: Pablo LeBron (1976)
(4) Ismael Miranda; NERVIOS DE ACERO (C. Curet Alonso) (02:57); 7″ Fania 707-B (1974)
(5) Los Kimbos ; DEUDA (02:54); 7″ Cotique C-305-B. Vocals: Carlos Santos (1978)
(6) Adalberto Santiago; FUEGO DE AMOR (Willie Rodriguez) (03:49); 7″ Fania 822-B (1979)
(7) Justo Betancourt; ADIOS FELICIDAD (Ela O’Farrill) (03:14); 7“ Fania 617-A (1973)
(8) Tipica 73; NO SOMOS NADA (04:00); 7″ Inca 6090-B. Vocals: Adalberto Santiago (1975)
(9) Willie Rosario; SI PUDIERA; C. Curet Alonso; 3:16; 7“ Inca 6042; Inca 6042-A. Vocals Chamaco Rivera (1972)
(10) Tony Pabon y La Nueva Protesta; VERDAD AMARGA (02:27); 7“ Rico Records 348-B. Vocals: Junior Santiago (1976)
(11) José Mangual Jr.; SONANDO CON PUERTO RICO (Bobby Capó) (02:28); 7“ True Ventures Inc. TVI-111-B. Guitar: Jose Febles (1977)
(12) Tito Puente; ENCANTADO DE LA VIDA (Justi Barreto) (02:58); 7“ Tico Records T-670-B. Vocals: Celia Cruz, Cheo Feleciano (1978)
(13) Baby Gonzalez con el Conjunto Marianao y la Voz de Myrna Lamb; LAMENTO EN LA PLAYA (Luquillo Beach Nocturno) (E. Litkei, J. Montoute) (03:17); 7″ West Side WS-59-A (1974)
(14) Carlos Montiel y Su Conjunto La Verdad; TU LLEGADA (Javier Vázquez); 3:40; 7″ Carmon Records 1001-B (1973)
(15) Tony Pabon y La Protesta; DEJENME LLORAR; Homero Aguilar; 2:29; 7″ Rico 342-A. Vocals: Nestor Sanchez (1974)
(16) Pellin Rodriguez; AMOR POR TI (Marco Aurelio) (03:28); 7″ Borinquen D-400-A (1973)
(17) Charlie Palmieri; QUE BIEN LO HACES (Miguel Angel Amadeo) (03:13); 7″ Coco CFF5025-A. Vocals: Victor Velazquez (1974)